Bridgeport Brewing Facade

Bridgeport Brewpub

Bridgeport Brewpub Facade
Bridgeport Brewpub Facade

If you like beer, than you would love Portland, OR with more brewpubs per capita than any city in the U.S. It’s my favorite beer city. Bridgeport Brewpub in the historic Pearl District is a great place to knock a few back. With distribution in many states, maybe you already have but it’s always better at the source. Especially if you’re there for the $3 a pint happy hour. Where else can you get a great draught beer for $3? In Portland, everywhere. I’m always astonished at the quality and affordability of beer, wine and food when dining out there.

India Pale Ale is one of my favorite styles of beer when it’s not too heavy but has a noticeable but not overwhelming hoppy bitterness.  And while Bridgeport’s IPA was a beautiful amber color, it tasted very light and was slightly effervescent with a citrus character rather than a hoppy or bitter one. It was a refreshing beer but not my favorite IPA ever. I thought it lacked some complexity and richness in flavor that I’ve had in other IPAs. The alcohol was a respectable 5.5%. Still with so many other beers to choose from on draught and in such a great old building, if you’re in Portland and thirsty for beer Bridgeport is definitely worth a stop.

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